Birmingham, AL Highland Avenue 1962 – 2014

Highland Avenue. Not too much has changed since 1962…but that dang 31 overpass did take out a lot of houses.

Click pdf to enlarge. I attempted to label some of the houses/apartments that are still with us. The squiggles are things that aren’t (houses).


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It’s been 1 year and 3 months since getting my design degree and I did not spend that time wisely. 😦 Aside from the few animal calendars (which I am now 2 months behind!) I did nothing.

I hope to change that soon and get back to my roots: cards.

Instead of making I’ve been planning and buying. I’ve been obsessing over creating the perfect home which you may read about here.

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Fox doodles

Fox doodles

I have not forgotten my love of foxes and animal people. Surfing fifi lapkin inspired me to doodle some fox people. I drew 10 in like…30 minutes. New hobby?

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I used to be absolutely terrified of bumble bees but now I think they are the cutest things! Perhaps it’s because our bee population is dwindling. Save the bees!


Aren’t hydrangeas lovely? One of my favorites. You can download the May calendar page here.

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52 weeks

So, I stumbled across a craft blog and one of the entries was a drawing challenge. Make a list of 52 things and draw something each week.

It was my goal this year to draw an hour a day but I am severely lacking in that… so perhaps one little doodle a week can be done! We shall see… I have to get myself into good habits (drawing, exercising…bleh!).

Some of my list:

Favorite outfits
A logo idea (make up a company)
Cakes and pastries
Animal: fox
Clothing: dresses
Various chairs
A friend
A house
A historic figure
Mode of transportation

An imaginery thing

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I promise a new calendar page is coming! I have been busy at work and other days when I’m not busy at work I haven’t felt inspired.

Here’s a flower I just hastily drew whilst waiting for the weekend to start!

I love line art…but never do it! Not that this is great by any means but it does give me some ideas.

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April Showers…

April Showers bring May Flowers! So they say.

Recently I have become quite found of racoons! Those hungry little rascals and their adorable hands! This month’s image is more full size. I will update the previous pages with the new handwritten days. It’s much better than poopy blue highway typeface.


Download the April calendar page here.

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Spring time!


Yay March! Spring! I feel like I was a little lazy on this one… :\

Next up, April Showers bring May Flowers!

Download your March calendar page here!

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Another doodle

Another doodle

Hey, Happy New Year’s Eve! Woohoo!

Made another little doodler this morning….

Foxes in luuuurve. ??

You can download January and February calendar sheets here (with this illustration and the polar bear below). Just print them out on whatever paper you’d like. Yay!

I’ll be making one every month.

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Play and the New Year

Play and the New Year

Just a little doodle….

I have many ideas in the works and hoping I can make myself motivated enough to create them in the new year. Letter press cards, felted animals, invites, a story book…. lots to do!

Boyfriend and I have a new animal world in the works and I’m working (ever so slowly) on new branding.

Happy New Year!

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