Tablets and school

My boyfriend got me one of those Wacom Bamboo drawing tablets for my birthday. It finally came in the mail yesterday. It’s going to take a minute to get used to the pen for drawing. I’m so used to my little touch pad on the laptop! Hopefully I can make some nice new cards and the drawing with a pencil will help with muscle memory and learning strokes so I can draw on paper! We’ll see how it goes.

I’m going to work on some Easter cards for the shop. I don’t know what route to take. Religious or cutesy? I guess I should just stick with my theme and do fashionable rabbits or lambs or something.

Next quarter starts TOMORROW and I’m not ready! I don’t have my schedule or my books. Great. Anyway, maybe I’ll learn some new skills that I can use for the cards.



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Interior Stylist in Birmingham, Alabama
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