I did it!! FINALLY!

It saddens me deeply that it took me 5 months to produce another card. I let the stresses of my daily life get in the way of something I love. During this last break school (about 3 weeks), I made a promise to myself (and my few loyal fans–I am so happy you like these cards!) that I would create something new. And I did! I’m happy enough with the results.

A Model Zebra’s head meets my body (in a semi-new dress that I love):

It’ll be a minute before she’s in store though. Scaling her down to fit on a 5 x 7 greeting card resulted in loss of clarity and detail. I’ve placed an order for A9 size cards (8.5 x 11 folded in half). I’ve been scaling all my greetings down to fit the smaller cards and now I won’t have to! I hope people will still like the bigger size…

AND, I’m super duper excited to announce I’ve started my felting project!! Something new and exciting should be in the shop before the year is out!!!!!


About Miranda

Interior Stylist in Birmingham, Alabama
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2 Responses to I did it!! FINALLY!

  1. Hooraaaays for Dottie! Keep makin’ the magic!

  2. dottiemakesmagic says:

    YAY! It would be awesome if I could produce one a week or so. I’m going to work very hard on that.

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