Yay, updates. Movies. This. That. The other.

Hi! I have 3 things to say:

1. Look what I just made. I love it. Stop-motion is crazy…and I kind of want to pursue this!! Why is life so short and education so gosh darn expensive? Maybe after I get my AA in Graphic Design I can look into animation degrees?!! One day at a time. Anywho, felted animals such as this (but waaaay cooler I hope) are the newest thing I’d like to introduce to the shop. SURPRISE!


2. Did you see the new header? I watched a few youtube videos to find out how foxes sound. FRIGHTENING! And really, really funny. Also, I reworked all the pages.

3. If you are not a fan on facebook (and I’m sure you’re not because only 4 people are) then please “like” the Dottie Makes Magic page! I’d like to start posting all my site/store updates there and keeping my personal facebook out of it. It would make me feel more professional that way. The link is to the right. Click the “f” button.

Thank you for your visit today! 🙂


About Miranda

Interior Stylist in Birmingham, Alabama
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2 Responses to Yay, updates. Movies. This. That. The other.

  1. So you made that fox!? Too cute. I’m loving the little gif. Hoorays for updates!

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