Valentine’s Day Card

yay! So, the more I stared at my fox the less interested I was in finishing her arms. I started my valentine’s day card and completed it in one day! Haven’t done that since the beginning of this project! I ended up keeping the card clean and simple–much like my older cards (and what I think I’d like to stick with! Less is more).

All my images are of white people. Hipster Kitty is dark skinned…I need to work on adding more skin varieties to my work!

Check the shop for the new vday card. yay!

Look, there’s glitter!

I wonder if I should mention this was made entirely in Illustrator. It’s true vector art! The fox in the entry below was done entirely in Jasc Paint Shop Pro (you know, the outdated program from 10 years ago). I’m surprised at how quickly I was able to make tonight’s image…perhaps Illustrator will become my go to for print work! Creating an image that can be scaled up and down without losing clarity really is important. I generally create BIG images and have to shrink them down to fit the 5 x 7 card space. A lot is lost when I do this in PSP. School must be paying off! That is great! 🙂

I’d like to finish up my fox lady and stick on her a cleaner background. I also want to take my balloon zebra and put her on a nicer background. I was thinking something hipstery…like a bike! She pedals around town selling her balloons…


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