Mama Bear

Gosh, Mama Bear was the most time consuming/ confusing project to date! I really did not know what sort of background to put her on. So, I started sketching her (which turned out to be great practice for my pen and ink drawing due next week) and it occurred to me…BUNTING! Baby showers always have that bunting stuff.

I ordered some 5.5 x 8.5 flat cards so hopefully those will be here soon. I should have ordered envelopes too! ACK! I like 5 x 7 better but I did some research and most were on 5.5 x 8.5… I guess it’s personal preference? I’ll print on 5 x 7 too just in case.

I haven’t figured out pricing yet either. I originally was thinking by the card itself but I think that is ridiculous? I could just bundle them into packages. $50 for 100 cards or something sounds better than $8 a card (who in their right mind would pay that?).

I have 6 designs to complete by Feb 29 and this is all I have! I’m working an an engagement party invite now (using the kitchen stuff I doodled). I hope I get this done in time.

(Upon reviewing this for the umpteenth time, perhaps “bear cub” should be “baby cub”?)


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