Thinking out loud

Next month marks the one year anniversary of Dottie Makes Magic Cards on Etsy. I want to give the shop an overhaul…complete with ALL NEW MERCH and a fresh new layout for the blog. A rebranding of sorts.

Here’s what I’d like to offer.

  • Packs of cards instead of individual ones. No more individually sold cards since I want to the focus to be on all the merchandise…
  • Canvas totes! With DMM characters or your face printed on them.
  • Custom digital/vector portraits
  • A non-holiday Bingo game (I had so much fun making my valentine edition! I’d like to make more quirky games)
  • A calendar
  • DMM character temporary tattoos!
  • and of course, the DMM character felt dolls! I anticipate receiving a sewing machine next month for my birthday (dmmc’s bday is on my bday! I didn’t have much going on last year…) so I can get crackin’ on those dollies!

    The month of February has really been hectic with the invitation project and I have portfolio assessment at school. No time to get started with this stuff yet but March is only days away! 🙂 I already have the materials for the totes, it’s just a matter of doing it! yayyy!!!!

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    Interior Stylist in Birmingham, Alabama
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