Which do you want first? The good new or the bad news? The good news is there is no bad news. Ha? Jk, there is.

I missed the deadline for the invitation project. I know, I know! Major disappointment but there is light at the end of the design tunnel. The project is updated every 6 months and I can contribute in November! Now I have time to really learn about wedding invitations and whatnot and I can get the right cardstock, envelopes, labels, packaging, etc. It really is for the best I think.

So, here is the engagement image I was working on. It’s nearly done…just needs a cake!

I’m not used to illustrating inanimate objects so this was really challenging for me. It took a few days and still isn’t there…AH!

..and just for the heck of it; inspiration.

Isn’t it dreamy!? I want to shrink and live inside it! Everything is better in 1/6/ 1/12 scale. Gosh, I just adore this dollhouse. Found here.

And a bit of fashion illustration. This …absence of color or leaving out a detail (such as an eye) just kills me! I love it so! Sadly, anytime I try to replicate it it just looks like rubbish. And look! A cat person. It’s perfection.

Kate Moss/ Lanvin. Found here.

Now that the invite project doesn’t require my immediate attention (although I’m still going to knock out the last 3 invites that were required!) I can spend some time revamping the shop with all that stuff I listed a few entries below. YAY.


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