It’s alive! Er, sorta.

Isn’t it cool to have an idea, design it, execute it, and make it into something tangible? I am always pleased to see my doodles printed out and now I’m seeing them on….STUFF!

So, below was a post about the new deer girl tote I was planning to make. I purchased some cheap canvas bags from Hobby Lobby only to be dissatisfied weeks later when I actually opened the package. The bag itself is on the small side the the handles aren’t long enough to hold the bag over your shoulder. So, I ordered new bags and they came in today! YAY!

I didn’t want to ruin the new bags though so here is a test run of the deer girl tote. I’m really glad I did this because even though I pressed really hard…I should have pressed even harder. Her legs didn’t fully transfer. Lesson learned! I also used Hobby Lobby iron on paper but received Lazertran (Lasertron? Too lazy to goodle it right now) iron on paper so maybe it’ll make the process easier.

I’m just excited to see stuff happening! I’m slow to get started even though I have all these ideas. I hate that about myself 😦 but oh well. I’ve also finished 1 other product (a game!) but need to tweak it a bit before showing it.

If anyone is reading, please feel free to let me know what you think so far! OH yeah, I also received the new tags to tie on the product and have decided to make Deer Girl the new face of Dottie Makes Magic. I still love (LOVE) foxes but I just adore how her sweet little face turned out. That means I’ve got to make new headers for the site and store! So much to do! So silly of me to think I could have had all this ready by 3/20. PFFT.

sorry for the quality, this is from my mobile.


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