New works

So, er, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet as this blog and my lack of an updated shop may suggest. I had a period of feeling sorry for myself because I have trouble 1. executing what’s in my head 2. creating works as good as those I admire.

But we can’t all be Rembrandt now can we? No, so I’ve decided to study the Golden Section and incorporate elements of people’s work that I do so enjoy into my own. That being lines, textures, prisms, triangles, muted colors, animals, lack of color, eliminating elements of faces…the list goes on. I’m also learning I need…less control, maybe?, in my work. It needs more movement and fun!

I began this owl with the idea of making him into a middle school aged boy with male and female classmates. There would be 3 kids, all different breeds of owls. I had this idea in mind for a tote…but upon sitting down and actually starting to work (which I haven’t done for WEEKS) I decided to try to incorporate the aforementioned elements. Here is what I got:

I’m not saying this image will ever make it to print but then again why not? I limit myself too much. It could make a nice greeting card? I’m not sure it translate well on a tote but…

Before my bout of design depression, I started a Hipster Kitty Bingo card. This image does not accurately portray the finished product (I want that to be a surprise) but there will be a cat, some hipster wordage, and a ball of yarn. I want him to be less flat…

Okay, well …I have a LOT of work to do if I’m ever going to open the dingdang shop again. ❤


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Interior Stylist in Birmingham, Alabama
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