2 days ago I sat down determined to make a portfolio site. As a Graphic Design student it’s only natural I’d want one…and I NEED one if I’m ever to be employed.

I worked into the wee hours of the morning only to produce a layout i hated. Then when I went to code it I couldn’t! So yesterday I went back to work…and came up with a layout that is decent (by my standards). Just a simple header image:

I made the whole thing in my CraftArtist greetingcard/scrapbooking program. Ha! BTW, that program is awesome! I love the real life like watercolor brushes.

Anywho, again I tried to code only to realize I have no clue how to do that. Which is difficult to admit because I’ve made plenty of sites before! And never had problems coding them! Granted I never validated my html, and I used divs in the html to position things rather than css positioning. I think we’re up to HTML 5 now? I need to learn how to do this properly if I’m going to make websites for people. I really hope I’m not offered too many of those jobs…layouts fine…coding oh dear. My dad has a hobby website he wants me to make over and I’m afraid I’ll never get to it because I’m clueless. Just clueless.

If ever I finish I’ll be sure to paste the here a million times.

As for DMM, I’m working on a really cool deer toy! It should be finished this weekend..(determined to complete something!)


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2 Responses to Portfolio

  1. I am right there myself! I remember back in the day when I’d spend entire weekends making a new site design. I found a few websites that I’m catching up on my design skills and they show you how to code them. Google 1st Web designer and I have been adding some on my pinterest account 🙂

  2. dottiemakesmagic says:

    i’ll definitely search for that. i looked at w3school and some random sites and it just didn’t help. i feel like i understand the overall concept of css positioning (you have a container/wrapper box and a bunch of little boxes inside and the values must total that of the container?) but anytime i messed with the values nothing happened! the one box i wanted to place wouldn’t budge! i spent so many hours just trying to code one stinkin’ box!!! i loaned out my web design book from class so the girl who has itl is going to return it next week. it explicitly goes over ever bit of the code so hopefully that will help too!!!

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