Good news!

I figured out the code to my website! Yep, it only took many hours over the course of many days and consulting my textbook and the internet before realizing my link to my css was wrong. Yep, that felt GREAT! [sarcasm] At least I figured it out though, right!? Whew.

So if you have been lurking here and not commenting, I’m sure you’ve gathered I love fashion illustration. It’s pretty much the reason I started DMM. I figured I couldn’t draw on paper so I started doing things digitally. Well, my friends I’m back to paper! It’s been fun drawing. And tonight I figured out how to color my images in Photoshop! I thought I’d never use that dumb program but with the help of an awesome book I figured it out.

A long way to go but viola:

I got bored towards the end and couldn’t settle on a background so I played with some brushes. I like where it’s headed…I just need to hone this technique.

I think I’ll print them image on a tote! Woohoo! I also think I’ll just open the store with some totes. That’s all I have ready. I’m tired of waiting on myself to get my butt in gear.

And heres a watercolor I did a couple nights ago.

We’re on a boat.


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One Response to Good news!

  1. tdtx says:

    I love your ‘words’ in the first illustration between you and deer-girl.

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