Okay, I’m getting pretty impatient with myself. I’m ready to have the store up and running again!

I ordered a few supplies today so I have no excuse now! Once the orders come in all I have to do is print!

I would like to open the store with:
1. Deer girl tote bags
2. A “best of 2011” greeting card collection (ie., the best sellers, Saucy Ms. Bearly, Nudey Shewolf, Hipster Kitty, and Ms. Gazelle)
3. A set of animal stickers
4. A needle felted doll with vintage inspired outfit.
5. An owl series card set.

That’s it! Surely that’s possible, yes!??!?!


About Miranda

Interior Stylist in Birmingham, Alabama
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2 Responses to Etsy

  1. mmmbisto says:

    That sounds fab 🙂 Let me know when stuff is up, I’ll give you a bit of advertising on Facebook & twitter. I love seeing your work x

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