So…the etsy store still isn’t open. Don’t know when (or if ever) that’s going to happen. Invite project is due in September. I’ve got to get crackin’ on that. I showed you the preggar polar bear baby shower card and the octoman and merbride card. Those I plan to keep (and perhaps make better). I’ve got ideas for a deer card and hippos riding bicycles!

Here’s the start of ostriches …their necks will be intertwined with some cutesy “Tying the Knot” wordage at the bottom. I began the clothes tonight but had to stop before I went stark raving mad at my computer. My laptop is so old it can’t really keep up with the speed of my clicks with the pen tool or paint brush. It’s INFURIATING waiting for it to catch up. So after 3 hours of that nonsense I’ve got near complete bodies.

Summer quarter starts tomorrow. With class (and the start of portfolio!!) and this project on my plate…I’ve got a full load! Let’s hope I get it done!!! DEADLINES are so necessary, it’s so hard when you have none.


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