Spring time!


Yay March! Spring! I feel like I was a little lazy on this one… :\

Next up, April Showers bring May Flowers!

Download your March calendar page here!

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Another doodle

Another doodle

Hey, Happy New Year’s Eve! Woohoo!

Made another little doodler this morning….

Foxes in luuuurve. ??

You can download January and February calendar sheets here (with this illustration and the polar bear below). Just print them out on whatever paper you’d like. Yay!

I’ll be making one every month.

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Play and the New Year

Play and the New Year

Just a little doodle….

I have many ideas in the works and hoping I can make myself motivated enough to create them in the new year. Letter press cards, felted animals, invites, a story book…. lots to do!

Boyfriend and I have a new animal world in the works and I’m working (ever so slowly) on new branding.

Happy New Year!

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Sirens and Fishermans



Okay, I changed it AGAIN. Isn’t it better? But gosh darnit, what do write across that ding dang banner?  I was having serious issues trying to cram this couple on one card so now they’re 2 cards that hopefully America will know to pull out of the envelope and hold together.  There was just too much detail in the mermaid and the octopus to shrink down! I’m digging this new layout …

So thoughts on what to write?

I had “Life is the most wonderful fairytale” Hans Christian Anderson The Little Mermaid

and some jazz about a siren singing to the sea and the sailor hears and blah blah…not a lot of space to work with.  The bride can say whatever she wants but some inspiration never hurts.

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I don’t recollect posting my mermaid/octogroom suite here. It was pretty horrible to look at. I made some revisions and think it’s pretty cute? Hopefully. You tell me!


I’m close to graduating (MARCH!!) and I’ve been thinking it may be time to shut down the ol’ DMM. I no longer feel like this “brand” truly reflects the style I’ve been working on. I’m no longer interested in vectoring with great detail. While I love the look DIGITALLY…I don’t feel it translates well into a printed 5×7 card. I’m really interested in making my own stamps and working on some prints. I’d also like to work on some patterns (some of which will be in my portfolio) and see about getting spoonflower.com to put them on fabric. I’d like to sew my own dresses. I’d like my brand to evolve into something MORE diy and a bit more grown up, heck I’m gonna be 28 this year. The name DMM made me feel special when I was younger but I don’t think the name holds the meaning anymore.

So..I guess what I’m saying is I’ll just ditch that…keep making the magic…but go by my name. Miranda Rodgers illustrations or some jazz like that. I don’t know just yet. Thoughts? I also like the idea of absurd names like Triangulated Bear Feet or Prisms a Paper for an etsy store or …okay I’m just typing random words together. You get what I mean?

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Grandmothers are the best


On a whim, I was doing some googling of my grandmother’s name. I came across an article about her and what she’d done for her city and a picture of her in her fur coat. I’d never seen it before. It was given to me after her death when I was 15 (12 years ago). It was really wonderful coming across that photo. I’ve emailed the writer for a copy of the original photo if he has it.

I have passed Portfolio I as of last night and will be moving on to Portfolio II. I’ve been considering rebranding Dottie Makes Magic to dottiemir and having the t’s be deer antlers. I don’t have time to think about DMM just yet though. Wedding invites are due this week printed and pretty…then it’s back to portfolio madness!

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A bit of inspiration. Apparently this comes on a tshirt?

From here.

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